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Scot Free

Welcome to Scot Free, the show bringing reality TV to a murderous new low.


Ten strangers – five convicted killers and a relative of each victim – are thrust together under the watchful eye of unseen host Scot. To escape the studio house alive, each player must identify their match and eliminate them. Permanently.

Grieving Jay is snatched away from his pregnant girlfriend to join the deadly game. Desperate to learn who murdered his estranged sister, Harriet, he leaps headfirst into the lives of his fellow contestants.  As they start falling one by one, he must race to decipher the clues and avenge Harriet's death.

But this is television, and producer Adolpha Martin knows her bloodthirsty audience all too well. For season six, she's pulling more than one rabbit out of a hat in search of a heart-stopping finale.

Can Jay survive long enough to discover who killed Harriet?

Cover of Scot Free

What are people saying about Scot Free?

Scot Free kept me up long after bed time because it's genuinely unputdownable.

Greg Moriarty is following in the footsteps of Matthew Reilly with this intelligent, high concept page-turner.

Toni Jordan

Award-winning Australian author

Scot Free is an edge of your seat thriller! It keeps you guessing and delivers. Worth the read and couldn’t stop turning the pages!

Susan on Goodreads

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Fancy a sneak peek?

Scot Fre excerpt

Here's an excerpt from one of the early chapters to whet your appetite.

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Myra batted flies away. She peered into the distance and blew hair off her weathered face. Any minute now. Ted from the pub acted as the communication centre of the town and if he said a black van with interstate plates was heading her way, then that’s what would arrive. She told herself once more she was ready. Sure enough, the van came into view the minute it crossed the creek. Too far away for Myra to hear the engine, it shimmered in the afternoon heat. She hardly blinked watching it cut along the unsealed road that connected the farm to the highway.

Nearby, her teenage son serviced a tractor, having taken on the jobs his father had done before he left.

‘Get inside,’ she said. He mumbled a question but didn’t move. ‘Now. Underneath. Don’t do anything silly.’

He scrambled away.

Raising a hedge of dust, the van stopped metres from her. The driver waved to her and opened his door a fraction. He would have known a weapon couldn’t be too far off. Myra latched the gate.


‘We’ve come to take you to Sydney. My buddies are in the back. I’m getting out now.’

‘Turn around and fuck off.’ Without looking down, she reached for the rifle propped on the post and brought it to her chest. She trained the barrel and her fierce, steely eyes on his face.

‘Don’t do anything you’ll regret. You know you can’t stop this. It’s started.’

He stepped forward, as if he couldn’t see the gun. She found the lack of distress on his face unsettling. Beneath her T-shirt, she felt droplets of sweat slide down the curve of her back and she shivered.

‘Leave, you hear me? Or I’ll blow your head off.’

‘Do you know what happens if we get hurt collecting contestants? There’s the murder charge, of course. But that isn’t the worst of it. Kate’s killer goes free.’ A shot of pain zapped air from Myra’s lungs. He must have seen the rifle barrel lower. ‘You didn’t know that, did you? Yep, they walk.’



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